Faith and Politics: New Series Starts April 18

Dear All,

Kathryn Tanner, in her book "Jesus, Humanity and the Trinity," writes that churchgoing is the confession of faith in Christ before the world. The intention of living according to this faith is bound up with thinking about acts, attitudes, and beliefs that are in keeping with it. Tanner writes "Decisions about the political allegiances or economic lifestyles that are appropriate for Christians, about whether to pray in U.S. public schools or pay our taxes or go to war, decisions about the direction of one's church's mission to the wider community ... decisions like these are the stuff of Christian life."

So is it possible to have a clear dividing line between faith and politics? Is it even desirable? How does our faith inform how we look at the world? How do we discern a Christian response to political and social issues?

Join a discussion on these questions over the next four weeks on Wednesday evenings after the 6 p.m. Eucharist.

In Christ's Peace,

Margaret Rodeheaver