Share the Love

St. Christopher's Parish Family,

Path To Shine is a program that serves elementary-aged children with homework help, healthy snacks, and community experiences to give them life lessons and encouragement to stay in school and graduate from high school. Ours is one of 14 programs around the diocese. Path To Shine is a non-profit Episcopal based organization that provides us all with books, materials, resources, and grant opportunities throughout the year.

"Share the Love" is a once-a-year fund-raiser campaign for Path To Shine. For a single donation of $28 ($1 per day for each day in February) you can help keep Path To Shine growing and thriving, and help the children in the communities it serves.

If you care to donate to this ministry to over 1,400 children throughout the diocese (including 12 here at St. Christopher's), please visit

Thank you for helping this outreach program continue to be a success for the children we serve.

For more information about Path To Shine, please contact any of the following Ministers of Hope at St. Christopher's. These wonderful volunteers give their time, support, unconditional love, and mentoring help each week to the children: Jennifer Bell, Marianne Overton, Mindy Abel, Sue. Lott, Paul Davison, Margaret Rodeheaver, and LaNelle Johnson.

Patty Chamberlain
for Path To Shine at St. Christopher's

Margaret Rodeheaver